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Ice Dams On the Roof: What You Should Know

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When cold weather arrives in St. Charles, your roof is at stake. When it starts snowing, there’s even more trouble on the brinks. If snow melts off the roof like it should, all is well. But, if rain comes down on top of the snow or strong winds blow the snow all over the place, you have a world of trouble on your hands. Your roof protects you from snow, rain, and many other elements that would cause very uncomfortable situations for everyone in the home. But, when ice dams occur, the roof needs your help.

How do you know if there are ice dams on the roof? You may not realize that you have a problem until the weather clears and it is sunny outside and suddenly, the roof begins to leak. Ice dams are dangerous in more ways than one. Not only do ice dams cause leaks and holes in the roof, they can tear off gutters, cause shingles to fall off, cause the paint to peel, and even cause mold and mildew damage and warped floors and saggy ceilings, among numerous other problems. It is disaster to say the least!

roofing st charles mo

If you suspect that you have an ice dam on the roof, it is a situation that needs the expertise that a professional can provide. Make sure you get in touch with the best contractor for roofing st charles mo at once to make the repairs and minimize the damages to the home. The damage caused by ice dams is no laughing matter. It can quickly ruin your home and cause the need for significant repairs.  Make sure you stay on top of things and have your roof professionally inspected after a hail storm occurs.