Different Types of Welding


Welding is a skilled trade that many people enjoy learning and making a career from. Everyone needs a welder at some point and there are tons of benefits that come along to those who learn the trade. There is a popular need for welders throughout the United States. A welder is a person who specializes in joining metal parts and pieces together to make one piece or to repair a broken piece. Welders are very talented people who’ve taken proper courses to learn how to handle their jobs. There are several types of welding categories and welders, including:

·    MIG Welder: Most people agree that MIG welding is the easiest for beginners. It’s also pretty simple for DIYers to learn to avoid hiring a professional to make repairs at their business and/or home.

·    TIG Welding: TIG welding is one of the most difficult types of welding to learn, but it’s also pretty versatile and covers a number of different welding aspects.

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·    Stick Welding: If you prefer the old-fashioned way of doing things, Stick welding is right for you. It’s cheap to use stick welding, especially if buying your own parts. But it’s also a lot more in-depth so do prepare yourself.

·    Gas Welding: Rarely is gas welding used these days. TIG welding is far more popular and used more often than gas welding. Nonetheless, it is a skill that some welders choose to learn.

If you are interested in working as a welder, you can earn a degree in a matter of months and either work for a company in the local area or open your own welding company with the help of the parts and supplies purchased from a welding supply store! It’s a great career with great pay, benefits, and more that you’re sure to enjoy for a long time ahead.

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