Lid Closing Specs


To cater for most commercial and industrial enterprises, quite a wide range of shapes, styles, sizes and weights are being provided. A lid closing machine has the ability to cater for metal pails carrying as much as five gallons. And yet there are folks out there still grumbling over the extreme tightness of their pickle jars. It is that tight for a reason. Lid crimpers in automatic or semi-automatic versions are being built for these giant pails. Crimping tools are designed to work with an exact lid specified by the commercial or industrial client. 

Roller lid press units are being used to close smaller metal containers. So, now you know why it is so tough to extract a juicy, crunchy pickle. Other alternatives for the closing of smaller containers include powered roller lid press units, semi-automatic lid presses and standalone plate lid presses. To add to this, lid closing equipment is pneumatically and electronically controlled. All lid presses, no matter what their shape, size or for what purpose they are being used, need to retain the highest safety standards.

lid closing machine

And to add to this, the machines are built to be utilized within hazardous environments as well. And so you may well appreciate this the next time you try and extricate a juicy, crunchy pickle from your jar. All lid closing equipment caters to different standards and industries. With that in mind, the ability to custom design and manufacture needs to be intact. Lid presses and conveyors are being built from stainless steel. And a stainless steel wash-down motor is built for use in a salt processing plant, this by way of example of the numerous industries being catered for.

So, the next time you struggle to open your lid, do not blow your lid. You’ll know why it is so tight.

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